Sunday, June 12, 2011

On Sundays I Smile – This Week in Review

Thanks to one of my favorite bloggers Dress With Courage, I am using Sunday to Smile and reflect upon the week. 

This week I am smiling because of my amazing husband.  He has taken care of me while I have been sick.  I have had a nasty cold and am thankful that he has taken care of me.  
Monday I prepared for my first ever fashion event A Walk Into Summer.  It was a great time and cannot wait to go to more fashion events in the future.

Tuesday was spent doing errands around the house.  Very exciting I know, but laundry and cleaning must be done unless a fairy plans on stopping by and doing the cleaning.

Wednesday I spent the day in bed feeling pretty miserable.  Halls Refresh Cough drops were the only thing that got me through the day.
Thursday I went to the doctor and got antibodics.  By evening, I was feeling better.  I watched one of my favorite summer shows So You Think You Can Dance and saw who made the top 20.  I am really excited about this season.  There are some AMAZING dancers.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was all about relaxing with my husband.  I smile that I am able to spend the days with him, even if it is just lounging around the house.

A Recap of my blog posts this week were:

What made you smile this week?  Make sure you check out Dress with Courage’s blog to see what makes her smile.

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