Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Time Purchases

On Saturday I took the Day Off from blogging and made some summer time purchases.  I saw a commercial that Old Navy was having a dress sale with dresses starting at $15.  I knew I needed to check it out.  I am on the hunt for a cotton dress that I can wear this summer but also for a wedding I have out of town next weekend.  The wedding is low key and outdoors so I was sure I would find a great summer dress.  Well I left Old Navy with a dress, shorts, sunglasses, and some silver bracelets, but not a dress I could wear for the wedding. 

I really loved this white dress.  I thought it would be a great addition to my closet and a great summer dress.  Unfortunately, I can’t wear white as a guest to a wedding.  Although I don’t follow all fashion rules this is one I am going to stick to.

I am headed to WV next week for vacation and I thought picking up a pair of cheap shorts would be an excellent purchase.  I didn’t want to ruin some of my new shorts and I figured $15 shorts would be okay if they some how got messed up.

I have been buying bangle bracelets like crazy.  I am sure I didn’t need another set, but for $2.95 I had to add some more to my closet.

I picked up another pair of sunglasses while at Old Navy as well.  I have a pair of Burberry Shades that I love and don’t leave home without, but I am going to be on the rivers of West Virginia next week and didn’t want the Burberry shades to be lost in the water so for $9.50 these sunglasses will work perfectly.

Although I did not find a dress for the wedding at Old Navy, my hubby and I had to run to Target for a few things.  As always, I walked out of Target with more items than I needed but scored the perfect summer dress.

 I love this dress!  The way the dress is pleated is very slenderizing and the black zipper in back gives a touch of fun.  I am sure this dress will get a lot of use this summer.

I think I made some great purchases this weekend.  Did you buy any summer items this weekend?


Megan said...

i am jealous of your shopping trip.

Fashion By Alicia said...

Thanks. I have been buying stuff like crazy (some stuff hasn't arrived yet). I am sure my husband is ready to kill me!

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