Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Trend Tuesday – Fall 2011 Trends

I have compiled the Top Ten Fall Trends for 2011.  I have looked through countless magazines and blogs to find these trends.  Some of the trends, I will embrace while others are not really my style.  Even though they are not my style these options may work for you.  So without further ado, here are the Top Ten Fall Trends (I tried to select items under $50).

1.  Mustard

Mustard is a hot color for the fall.  You can select mustard pants, sweaters, skirts, or handbag.  This is not my favorite fall trend.  It may be because I don't like mustard or I don't want to look like big bird (who knows?).  But I think a pop of color like a yellow handbag would be fantastic.

Carson Stretch Cord Skinny - $15
Knit Cardigan - $12
Asos Tailored Belted Ponti Fit and Flare Skirt - $29
Mustard Heart Lock Cross Body Frame Bag - $50

2.  Polka Dots 
Polka Dots

Polka Dots are huge for the fall!  Polka dots will look great in a sweater or blouse with wide leg jeans (also big this fall), a dress, or skirt.  This is a trend I can definitely get behind.

Navy Woven Front Spot Tee - $32
Polka Dot Blouse - $24.55
Navy Polka Dot Dress  - $39.28
Polka Dot Skirt - $18

3.  Leathe

Leather is another huge fall trend.  Invest in a great leather jacket (although I selected a faux leather option) and pick up faux leather pants or skirts.  When you wear leather mix soft, romantic tops with the hard leather.

CI SONO Faux Leather Women’s Jacket  - $40
Leather Trousers - $40.92
Leather Skirt - $32.73

4.  Lace

Remember, when I mentioned my love of lace?  Lace was a really great spring trend, but is transitioning into the fall.  You can layer lace tops and blouses over skinny jeans or wear a lace dress and skirt with colorful tights.

Evil Twin Bad Moon Rising Lace Tee - $50
Cream Chiffon Lace Trim Blouse - $36
Black/Nude Floral Lace Dress  - $36
Lace Short Skirt - $20

5.  Plaids

Plaid is another fall trend.  You can mix plaids into your wardrobe through tops, skirts, or dresses.   I can’t really wear a plaid skirt without thinking of Britney Spears or river dancing.  But I do like plaid blazers.  A plaid blazer would be perfect for the fall.

Jack by BB Dakota Lance Plaid Skirt in Rainbow  - $34
Vintage Professionally Poised Blazer  - $30
Plaid Romance Dress  - $50
¾ Roll Sleeve Buffalo Plaid Woven Top  - $20

6.  Jade

Jade is a great color for fall.  This is a trend I can definitely get behind.  Jade looks fabulous on my completion.  I love jade in sweaters, blouses, dresses or skirts whatever it is I love it!

Jade Ponte Sheath Dress  - $49
Jade Ponti Top - $45.82
Jade Ponte Mini Skirt - $32.73
Jade Waterfall Cardigan - $47.46

7.  Bright Pants
Bright Pants

Bright Pants are probably my favorite trend for the fall.  I love the bright color denim pants.  I absolutely love red jeans.  But I also love blue, purple, pink and teal.  This trend makes me think of the 80s but I loved the 80s so this trend is perfect for me!

Red Skinny Jeans - $29
Blue Spruce Jegging - $45
Purple Skinny Jeans - $41
Vibrant Skinny Ankle Jeans - Pink - $25
Teal Skinny Jeans - $29

 8.  Red

Red is a great color for fall and works on all bodies and completions.  I love adding red as that extra pop of color or having it as the main color of a look.

Women’s Red Gathered Sleeve Blazer  - $49
Red Crossover Skirt Dress - $40
Vintage Block Scheduling Skirt  - $40
Red Curved Hem Top - $16.36

9.  Capes

Capes are another fall trend.  I am still not 100% sure about this trend.  When I think of capes, I think of super heros and I am no Batman or Robin.  But, you can wear a cape as a sweater or a jacket.  I would pair a cape with skinny jeans since the top is loose you wouldn’t want wider leg pants.

Fitted Belt Lapel Camel Cape - $45
Knit Cape Cardigan - $21
Grey Slubby Cape Top - $40
Feather Print Cape - $49

10.  Color Blocking
Color Blocking

I am so happy that color blocking is still a trend for the fall.  I love color blocking (remember my tips here?).  When color blocking this fall, stick to fall earth tones and you will have a great color block look.

Liz Claiborne Pieced Tee - $29
Ladies Funnel Neck Block Dress - $29
Sans Felipe Creek Skirt - $31
Color Block Hidden Platform Pump - $36

What Fall 2011 Trend Are You Looking Forward To Most?

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