Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

I would like to wish my readers a Happy Labor Day!  I hope you have a fabulous day!  

When Labor Day arrives so does the rule of "No White After Labor Day."  I am under the believe that you can wear white after labor day as I mentioned here.  Here are some tips for wearing white after Labor Day.

1.  No Linen, seersucker, or sundresses.

After labor day, I would recommend not wearing white linen, anything seersucker, or a white sundress.  These looks are summer and cannot really convert into winter look.  So put those summer items away.

2.  No White Shoes

I am still under the belief that white shoes after Labor Day are a no no.  So I would pack those away too.

3.  No White Tights

I am not sure if anyone really wears white tights before or after Labor Day.  Well I take that back, I have seen 90 year old ladies and 4 year olds sporting white tights.  So it goes without saying, no white tights after Labor Day. I personally think there is no use for white tights period.

What Can Work?

You can wear white after Labor Day, but be selective.  You can wear white sweaters, white jeans (as long as they aren't bleached white!), and I love a good white trench for fall and winter.  Here are some white looks that you can wear after labor day.
White After Labor Day

Click on the above photo for links to each item

Hope you have a fabulous Labor Day!

Will You Wear White After Labor Day?

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