Friday, June 3, 2011

Fashion Rules are Made to be Broken

I am sure you have heard at least one fashion rule whether its not wearing white after Labor Day or you can’t wear black to weddings. “Break the bonds of the dated fashion rules,” says Joe Zee Creative Director of the New York Times. If you are like me you have heard these over and over. I can still hear my mom saying you can’t wear those shoes because they are white! Most of these fashion rules are outdated and false and made to be broken. Here are some fashion rules that should be broken:

Rule #1 Never wear white after Labor Day

Everyone has heard this one I am sure. I honestly had no idea where it came from, but apparently you were not supposed to wear white in the winter because white clothes did not protect you against cold weather. This was the custom in the 19th and 20th century. You can totally wear white now! White clothes, coats, bags, and shoes are 100% allowed during winter months. I like the idea of a white trench in the winter. I think white will break the dark of winter and lighten everything. Currently, celebrities are all about wearing white suits on the runway instead of wearing gowns. 

Rule #2 Shoes and bags must always match

You do not have to match your shoes and handbags.  If you match your shoes and handbags your bags are going to be basic and boring.  Try a black purse with a pair of blue shoes or an orange purse with black shoes.  So long as the shoes and purse work with your outfit, they can be any color you want.  I love adding color by using a handbag.  I carry an orange Cole Haan bag all the time!  I don’t have orange shoes but the bag definitely works.

Rule #3 Never wear black and navy

This is a really old rule and can definitely be broken!  Navy and black are neutrals so they can be wore with everything including each other.  If you are tall go with colors that contrast like black and navy.

Rule #4 Never mix metals in your wardrobe

It is safe to wear gold and silver jewelry together.  There are tons of accessories out there so you can mix and match.  Metallics are the new neutral and you can wear them with whatever you want.  You can layer gold, silver, and bronze bangles together or even wear them with silver or gold flats.  Some people have a preference on what they would like to wear and that is perfectly acceptable but you can mix these items.  I prefer silver and white gold so most of my jewelry is silver and white gold, but I am starting to step out of my comfort zone and mixing gold and silver.

Rule #5 Yes, Day Can Do Night

I find it difficult to go from work to going out.  But there are ways to step from work and go directly out for a happy hour or meeting a date.  What you need to do is start with a clutch.  In the morning stock the clutch with three essential items:  red lipstick, a rolled up skinny belt, and one piece of jewelry.  So after the day at work go to the restroom and add lipstick to your lips.  Place the skinny belt around your waist to give the ultimate shape and then add a bright necklace to create the night look.


Rule #6 Wear black to weddings

I’ve always been told that I can’t wear black to weddings.  I’ve been told its depressing and looks like you are mourning the couples wedding.  I have always broken this rule!  Black is totally appropriate as long as its done tastefully.  A woman needs a LBD in their wardrobe and selecting one that works for your body.  If you find the perfect black dress wear it to a wedding.  It is my go to dress! I have a wedding this weekend and I will totally be wearing a black dress.

 If you are a guest at a wedding a fashion rule that can’t be broken is wearing white.  White is reserved for the bride and although rules are made to be broken this is a rule worth heeding. 

Rule #7 Never wear tights with open-toed shoes

Peep toe shoes are really in style and I think they are gorgeous.  Since they are in style, woman have been ignoring the rule and wearing tights.  If you are going to break this rule make sure the seam to your tights does not show.  This is a great way to get more use out of your open toe shoes because you can now wear the peep-toe shoes in the winter.  I like black tights with open-toed shoes, however I still can’t get past pantyhose with open toed shoes.  I just think that look is a little old lady.

Pantyhose and open-toed shoes.  I'm not a fan.

Love black tights with open-toed shoes.
Would you break these fashion rules?


shanice wynter said...

i would break some of the rules lols

Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

I have break all of these rules except the last just too tacky..LOL


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