Monday, August 8, 2011

Lace Love

One of the newest style ideas is LACE!  Lace used to be reserved for only brides and old ladies, but lace is now the hottest new trend in fashion.  I have been seeing lace in magazine and fashion blogs and thought I should find some lace styles for the every day fashionista.  Here are a few tips when wearing lace:

1.  Choose tough accessories like bangles or handbags with metal - think trendy biker chic.

2.  Don't wear a charm bracelet.  Your bracelet will get caught in the lace and possibly snag the lace. 

3.  A belt is a great way to accessorize a lace dress.

Night Look 

Lace Dress

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 Casual Look

 Lace Shorts

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 Work Look
Lace Work

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 Do you like the lace trend or is it not for you?

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