Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tip Tuesday - Color Blocking

Currently, I am obsessed with color blocking.  I have been seeing the looks on celebrities and bloggers and wanted to recreate the look. 

So what is color blocking?  Basically color blocking is pairing two bright colors together.  Now you don’t want to select colors that clash or you will look like a train wreck.  To pull off color blocking you will look at the color wheel and select colors that are close to one another like orange and red, orange and yellow, yellow-green and green, or blue and violet.  But you can also select colors that are across from one another on the color wheel like pairing orange and blue or yellow and violet.

I drew my color block inspiration from Emma Stone’s Friends With Benefits Premiere look (as seen here).  Instead of the pink skirt and red top, I selected a red skirt and pink top.

Red Skirt – ebay (no longer available) – Similar
Pink Top – Target (no longer available) – Similar
Jessica Simpson 'Francesca' Pump – NudeDSW
Gold Bangles – Forever 21 (no longer available) – Similar
Brown Purse – Gucci Outlet (gift)

Are you a fan of color blocking?

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