Saturday, July 30, 2011

Savings Saturday - Emma Stone's Friends With Benefits Look

It is safe to say that I have a major girl crush on Emma Stone.  I love her looks that she has selected for her movie premieres.  I particularly love her look for the New York City premiere of Friends with Benefits.  Although you may think she looks like rainbow bright, I think she looks amazing rocking the pink and red outfit paired with nude pumps. 

Although I am not sure of the cost of this outfit, I am sure it is not in my budget.  So I wanted to try to recreate the look for a lesser value.  

Emma Stone recreation

Orange ½ Sleeve Square Scoop$11.42
Minuet Ditsy Lace Skirt - $34.26
Nude Patent Round Toe Court Shoe - $42.43
Monsoon Woven Gem Clutch Bag -$42.43
Total Price:  $130.54

I know the skirt is not exactly like Emma Stone’s.  It doesn’t have that tulip shape.  I love the shape on her, but I’ll be honest I can’t pull it off (and I don’t know many women who can), so I selected the same color and played with the texture of the skirt instead of the shape.

I love this look.  But what I like best is that each item can be used on it’s own and could be added to my closet. 

This outfit may be a little too bright for some, but I love it.  Would you wear this Savings Saturday look?

4 comments: said...

wow, i just love her skirt!

Alyson said...

I know I'm supposed to LOVE her big ol' skirt but honestly... I like your look WAY better.

B.Inspired said...

I've never heard of Dorothy Perkins until now and I am definitely LOVING what I am seeing on her site! Amazing and great prices too! Emma's outfit I am sure was over $3K and probably she didn't have to pay for it so we all LOVE what you've put together for us!

Fashion By Alicia said...

Shanice - I love it too, but know I couldn't make it work on my body.

Alyson - I am glad you like my look better. I am sure it costs a lot less.

Bessie - I definitely don't have 3K to spend, so I am glad I found a look for under $150!!

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