Sunday, July 17, 2011

On Sundays I Smile – Week in Review

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Thanks to Elissa from Dress With Courage every Sunday I review the week and SMILE.  This week I has been really amazing and I have so many reasons to smile.  


I think Monday it finally sunk in that I was going to be home for a while.  Don't get me wrong I loved my trips to West Virginia and Missouri, but I am glad to be home.  I missed my bed (don't you hate when you travel and you sleep on beds that aren't as comfortable as your own?) and spending one on one time with my hubby.  So Monday was a day of catching up around the house and working on setting up my business documents.

So if you didn't know it I am in the process of starting an image consulting business.  Basically, I will provide styling tips for clients based on their style preference and body type.  I am really excited about it and am finally working on the legal documents.  Hopefully I will be up and running at the end of the month and can take my image consulting class.  Anyway, back to my week.

Monday I also realized I won a $25 credit to Pree Brulee.  I love this shop!  Have you checked it out yet?  Seriously, I love every item but I used the credit to purchase the Dusty Gold Earrings.  I love the coral and turquoise.


I did a little shopping.  I mainly was going to pick up my Loft gift card for my giveaway, but then I found great deals and had to buy a few things for myself.
Have I mentioned how much I love LOFT?  I love that they have such great deals.  I ended up picking up a pair of trouser jeans and a tank top.  I have the jeans, but they were on sale for $19.97 and marked down 30% off.  So I purchased $69 jeans for $14!  Yes!!

Then I headed to Forever 21.  I was looking for a maxi skirt for the Bloggers Do It Better Challenge.  I ended up picking up a maxi dress that I converted to a skirt for the challenge, remember?  And a fabulous skirt that worked for the Everybody, Everwear:  Yellow challenge.  I was really pleased with my purchases. 


I spent Wednesday hitting up local shops here in Jacksonville.  I can't wait to share with you these great boutiques.  It was so nice to have shops being so supportive of my blog and open to me doing posts.  It was a very happy day!


Well Thursday was a day I had been waiting for since Deathly Hallows Part I came out.  I was ready to see the movie and was so excited for the midnight showing.  The movie was amazing as I mentioned here


Since the hubby and I had been out so late for Deathly Hallows (we got home around 2:30), we spent Friday night indoors relaxing and catching up on our weekly shows.  It was definitely what I needed since I was getting up early Saturday for the bloggers conference. 


As I mentioned yesterday, I attended the Central Florida Bloggers Conference in Orlando, Florida.  The conference was amazing!  I got so many great blogging tips and met so many great Florida bloggers.  I won't go into too many details because I plan on doing a post about the conference.  But it was GREAT!

Overall, this week has been fabulous and made me SMILE so much.  

What made you smile this week?


Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

Sounds like an interesting week :) I still haven't seen Harry Potter! Shame on me!


Fashion Fractions

Fashion By Alicia said...

Thanks! It really was a great week.

You will love Harry Potter!! Seriously.

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