Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ideas for What to Wear to Summer Weddings

The summer wedding season nears.  Long summer dresses, khakis, slacks and even short cutoff dresses will keep you cool during the heat.  Bright colors, dark hues and even some lurid mixtures might mesh well with the environment.  No matter what you decide to don, some outfits may seem more appropriate for a summer wedding. Jackets, well-covered dresses and some long-sleeved shirts may not be the best choices, especially in temperatures above the 90s. 

Women have a few more options available to them, but fear not men, you have plenty of different color choices and options to sport to a wedding.  You may even consider attending online classes in fashion to get ideas for what to wear; and here are a few pointers to get you started.  Ready your dress shoes. Prepare to purchase a new dress, and get ready to dance the night away. 


Women have a gamut of different options available to them, from the long summer dress to the A-line short dress.  Whether you feel more comfortable in a long summer dress or an A-line dress, these fashionable attires make for a presentable outfit to show off your curves or cover up.

Most women aim for simple patterns, while others tend to prefer bright yellows, oranges and reds to stand out.  No matter which color or style you choose, plenty of options are available.  With plenty of dress options to pick from, some women may enjoy ballet-inspired outfits, A-line, sleeveless drape, strapless or even party dress work well for ladies.  Try to choose a dress that will flatter your body type. For example, strapless may draw attention to your bust, while a party dress pay focus attention on your hips and bust.

Pumps, stilettos and wedges all can work well with short dresses, while women wearing long summer dresses can do fine with just flats.  Try to avoid pants, even if they are slacks. Aim for skirts, blouses or dresses, but no pants.

As for headgear, you can always wear a pretty summer hat with your A-line dress.  Bows and even flowers can also coordinate well with your summer dress.  You have plenty of options available to you.


Men, you may not have a gamut of different dress styles to pick from, but fear not, you have a bevy of options open to you.  From the slacks to khakis, you can look fashionable with little prep time.  Most men tend to don slacks and sport a decent dress shirt – military, standard or even short sleeves.

If you do wear a dress shirt, don’t be afraid to roll the cuffs up and let your arms breath.  You can wear a tie if you want or opt to go a bit more relaxed with slacks, military shirt and no tie.  As for men wanting to wear khakis, a short-sleeved shirt tends to work best, especially to combat that scorching heat.  If you can stand the heat, you can always wear a long-sleeved collared shirt.

As for any headgear, avoid sporting any hats.  Women can pull off the wearing a hat; however, gentlemen shouldn’t try, with one exception:  Top hats.  Even then, exercise some caution and avoid any lurid colors.


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