Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Giveaway Wednesday


It’s that time again – Giveaway Wednesday.  I love when I find giveaways, not only because an item is free, but because I learn about new blogs and about new shops or brands.  I have discovered so many new stores I can’t contain my excitement.

1.  Chi City Fashion is giving away a studded barrette from France Luxe.  The winner will be selected May 18th.  Click here to enter!

2. Elle Sees is giving away a Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Total Care.  The giveaway ends May 21st.  Check it out!

3.  Devon Rachel is giving away a neon Lana necklace from Christina M. Boutique.  The giveaway ends May 18th.  Click here to enter!

4.  The Daileigh is giving away a necklace from Noble House Designs.  The giveaway ends May 21st. Check it out!

5.  The Shine Project is giving away $63 worth of jewelry!  The giveaway ends Friday!  Click here to enter!

6.  Addicted 2 Etsy is giving away a piece of jewelry from CSfootprints.  The giveaway ends May 18th.  Check it out!

7.  Chasing Davies is giving away a $100 credit to ShopBop.  The giveaway ends May 24th.  Click here to enter!

8.  Smart N Snazzy is giving away fabulous nail polish from Verve 360 hair salons in Pittsburgh including Zoya Skylar and Zoya Lotus.  The giveaway ends May 23rd.  Check it out!

9.  Mimi Boutique is giving away the Antonia satchel.  The winner will be selected May 22nd.  Click here to enter!

10.  Plus don't forget to enter week 3 of my month of giveaways!  Check it out!

Each week I do a Giveaway Wednesday post, if you would like to have your giveaway featured in my blog contact me.  

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