Monday, February 6, 2012

My Jason Wu for Target Experience

Yesterday, Target debuted the Jason Wu for Target Collection.  I was really excited for this collection because I liked his designs better than the Missoni designs.  But I didn't know what to expect after My Missoni for Target Experience.  I decided to go the store route because I didn't want to have issues with the Target site.  

I arrived at my local Target at 7:30 (thirty minutes before it opened) and found four cars in the parking lot.  Everyone waited in their cars until right before the store opened and by that time there were probably ten women.  I didn't want to miss items so I decided to only take photos of things in the dressing room to save time.  As the doors opened, I quickly grabbed one handbag and headed to the clothing.  I was a little disappointed because my Target didn't have the full collection and there were items I really wanted to see.  But that didn't stop me from finding things to try on.  I grabbed skirts, dresses, and tops.  Within minutes I had my arms full and noticed that most of the racks were already bare.  I headed to the dressing room to see if there were any winners.  So here is my dressing room review of the Jason Wu for Target collection.  (Please excuse the photos the dressing room is not the best place for taking quality photos).

Straw Handbag - $49.99

I really liked the straw handbag and thought it would be great for summer.  The shape of the bag was great and the latch detail really stood out.  Even though the bag was trimmed in leather, I did not like the quality of the leather and decided to pass on a $49.99 straw bag.  

Rose Bow Blouse 
Black Pleated Skirt 

The first look I tried was the rose bow blouse and black pleated skirt.  The black pleated skirt was an item that I thought I would like from the look book but was worried about the length.  The skirt was 100% polyester and lined with a side zipper.  The skirt would look great one someone not as tall as me (or maybe with better legs) but I felt the skirt was too short for my body.  So I passed on it.  The rose bow blouse was a whole other story.  I typically wear a size large in tops so that is what I selected for each top.  This top was HUGE!  It fit more like a large extra large.  So I passed on this look.

Flower Pleated Skirt

I really liked the print of this skirt, but like the black pleated skirt above this skirt was too short for my taste.  So it went back to the rack.

Blue Flower Dress

When I saw this dress, I thought it would be a great shape for my body and the print was really cute.  But boy was I wrong!  I selected a large in this dress as well and it was too big around the waist even with the belt and did nothing for my body.  So I didn't purchase this dress either.

Red and Navy Striped Dress

When I saw this dress in the look book, I didn't really like it.  But I decided to try it on because some things look better on than they do on the rack.  This dress was a large and actually fit my body and is a cute design.  However, I did not like where the navy stripes hit my body.  The first was right across my chest and the second right across my hips (the largest part of my body).  Although, the dress fit I decided it was not flattering for my body and for $34.99 I could find a dress I liked better.

Navy Polka Dot Bow Tie Blouse

This top was probably my favorite item from the Jason Wu collection.  The blouse was 100% polyester with snap buttons.  I selected a large in this top and didn't have issues with fit except for my arms.  I do not have HUGE arms, but this blouse definitely didn't stay snapped at my arms.  I am trying to work out (New Years resolution goal) but decided that this top may never fit my arms correctly.  So I didn't purchase it either.

White Bow Tie Top

The next top I tried was the white bow tie blouse with the bicycle print trim.  I selected this top in a large and was worried after the fit of the rose bow tie blouse above.  However, this top fit perfect even though it was the same style.  I liked this top but was worried that the white was too sheer and I would have to wear a top under it.  So this too went back to the rack.

Gray Top with Lace Trim Top

This top was one of the cheaper ones of the collection ($19.99).  This shirt in a large fit just fine and I considered buying it.  But decided that I didn't like the lace detail down the front of the top.  The lace detail was already starting to fade I wasn't sure the stripe down the middle of my body was very flattering.

Blue Cardigan

The last item I tried was the blue cardigan with snap buttons.  I love cardigans and can always use another one in my life.  So I thought I might have a winner.  I selected a large in this cardigan as well and the fit was just off.  It fit well in my arms and was long enough but the side of the cardigan was too big.  So I didn't buy it either.

Overall, I liked the different styles and patterns from the Jason Wu for Target collection, but was really disappointed in the sizing.  Some tops ran very large while others were small.  Even tops in the same style fit differently in the same size.  I am glad I experienced the Jason Wu for Target Collection but left empty handed.

Did you buy anything from the collection?

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