Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Missoni for Target Experience

As I am sure most of you know Missoni for Target debuts in stores and online today.  Missoni is a fashion house based in Italy and is known for great prints and patterns in knitwear. 

Mother-daughter duo Angela Missoni and Margherita Maccapani Missoni sat down with Target (in an interview here) to talk the heritage of Missoni and why they were excited for the Missoni for Target line.  What I took away from the interview was that Angela and Margherita were both very excited for the collaboration.

For me the Missoni for Target line was about fun prints in clothing, shoes, and houseware.  The items started at $2.99 and the most expensive item was $599.  I was happy that I could get runway items for everyday wear.  The prints give me a 70’s vibe and although not my style, I really wanted to embrace prints and pick out a few items.

I decided that I wanted to see the collection in person instead of buying online.  My local Target opened at 8 a.m.  I arrived at 7:45 and was the only person in the parking lot.  As the clock got closer to 8 more people arrived and when the door opened there was two women, an older man, and myself.  I really didn’t think I had much competition but boy was I wrong!

As the doors opened, I got my camera ready and started snapping pictures of the different displays.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw one of the ladies loading her cart with all of the scarves, totes, and umbrellas on the display.  I realized she was picking up everything so I rushed to the shoe department.  I was on a mission to get the Missoni flats.  I got there and there was one other woman.  But no size 10 flats.  The store had NONE in stock.  I grabbed the Missoni heals before I noticed the woman that was buying everything putting EVERY PAIR of shoes in her cart.  I gave her a strange look and she said she was going to resell the items.  WHAT?!  I went to Target to pick up a few items for myself and take pictures of the collection.  But I knew if I didn’t hurry she would take everything!  This lady became known as the Crazy Lady with the Target staff and I.

I selected a black and white print blouse, black and white print top, and a print knit skirt.  When I looked over at the Crazy Lady she was already on cart #2!  So I scurried to men’s wear to look at the ties then I to houseware.  While in houseware, I saw the older man buying everything in stock.  I learned that he was on the phone with his wife who was at another Target store buying all the houseware.  It was insane.

I then hurried to cosmetics to pick up a makeup bag.  All of the cosmetic bags were in stock so I selected one and then headed to try on the clothes.  When I got in the dressing room, I learned that the Crazy Lady was on cart #3. 

The black and white print blouse did not work for me.  The length was all wrong and the sleeves were too short so it was a no.  I liked the black and white print top but the knit skirt was too short for my legs.  The sizes were true to my size, which was nice.
As I went to check out, I noticed that the Crazy Lady had purchased ALL of the luggage items, I repeat ALL.  She had 3 carts at customer service and was waiting for them to bring out more luggage and was on cart #6!  My Missoni for Target experience was really interesting.  I didn’t think Jacksonville would be that excited for the collection (boy was I wrong!).  I embraced some fun prints and think my selections will look great on me.  What I like most about my Missoni for Target experience was that I only spent $89.  If I had purchased a Missoni piece online I would have spent at least six times that amount.  I would like to know what the Crazy Lady spent!  

Here are my photos from My Missoni for Target Experience:

My purchases:

Overall, I thought the quality of the clothes was decent and shoes were high quality.  My shoes have a suede upper sole.  The knitwear was nice while some of the other clothes were polyester.  I was pleased with the Missoni for Target collection.

Did You Buy Anything From The Missoni For Target Collection?

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