Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I’m Back

I am back!  J and I are officially moved into our new home and new state.  I wanted to take a moment to thank all of the wonderful ladies that prepared guest posts for my blog.  The posts were fun and helped me get settled into the new home. 

Although, I am back I still haven’t taken outfit pictures because I have been spending days upon days in sweats and pjs. So I thought I would share our moving story and photos of our new home.

On the 11th, the movers came to load a 26 foot Penske truck and 12 foot uHaul trailer.  I left our house with Sophie (our black lab) so that she wasn’t there for the moving.  I thought the loading would take 4 hours but I was wrong.  The truck loading took 6 hours!  Ugh!  So Sophie and I went to the park and then did a scenic drive around Jacksonville.  Finally the trucks were loaded the only thing missing was a desk and three bookshelves (there was no room for these items).

On the 12th, we woke up at 4 and were on the road by 5.  The goal was to make it to Jackson, Mississippi.  We made great time on the road and ended our trip after 15 hours of driving and stayed near Shreveport, Louisiana.  That meant we were only a few hours away from Dallas.

On the 13th, we finished are trip to our new home and the movers arrived and unloaded the trucks in only 4 hours!  While the movers were busy unloading the trucks, I was busy unloading the boxes.  I finished the kitchen and dining room on Tuesday and finished the rest of the house on Wednesday.  I’ve been called the Master Unpacker and I think that I probably am!  I even took the time to decorate for Christmas!  Here is a look at our new place (excuse the lack of photos/paintings on the walls).

Front of House

Front of House 

Living Room

Entry Way

Dining Room


Family Room/Breakfast Nook

Family Room

Half Bath

Guest Bedroom/Sitting Room

Guest Bathroom

Guest Bedroom


Master Bath

Master Bath

Master Closet

Master Bedroom

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