Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Guest Post – Alyson from The Average Girl’s Guide

I am finally settled into my new home and plan to share with you what I have been doing the last week, but I wanted to share one more guest post.  Today’s post is from Alyson from The Average Girl’s Guide.  The Average Girl’s Guide is created for the typical girl dedicated to live fabulously.  Alyson provides fashion inspiration, snack food reviews, easy meal recipes, deals and discounts, and vent sessions.  Alyson is a Florida blogger that I have had the honor of meeting.  I hope you will check out her blog and this post dedicated to skinnies!

Hi Fashion by Alicia readers! Alyson here from The Average Girl’s Guide and I’m so thrilled to be guest posting while Alicia is getting settled in her new digs. I’m a Florida girl who loves cardigans, nutella, watches, people watching, taking pictures and spending time with my fam.

Today’s post is dedicated to skinnies! Skinny jeans, pants, you name it! Before you stop reading because you think they’re not for you… wait. I kindly beg to differ. I have seen girls from a size 2 to at least 16 pull off skinnies in the most incredible, flattering ways. It’s all about how you work them.
The best part? Shoe freedom! I hate when I have certain pants that only work with flats, super high-heel heels or boots. Skinnies, purchased or altered to ankle length, give you the autonomy to wear any shoes and have them look fabulous!

Currently, my two favorite affordable finds are these:

Old Navy The Rock Star (I have these in grey and cobalt blue)

J. Crew Minnies (excellent for work!)

If you’re my curvy around the hips like me, look for a looser top that drapes, or tuck in a shirt with a cardigan layered over to cover your tush. I’m a big fan of chic looking tush coverage! In the winter, tucking them into boots to balance your proportion so you don’t look like a triangle.

Test out the trend with an affordable pair (I’ve had this dark denim pair (also available in grey) from Forever 21 for at least two years now; cost me just $10.50!).

What do you think? Are skinnies for you…. or could they be? Test them out and let me know! Come visit me at The Average Girl’s Guide or give me a shout-out on Twitter at @avggirlsguide. Thanks again to Alicia for hosting me on her blog today.

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