Sunday, August 28, 2011

On Sundays I Smile – Week in Review

Thanks to Elissa over at Dress With Courage, every Sunday I review my week and SMILE.  The week started out with me winning!  

As you know, I find giveaways each week and post them in my Giveaway Wednesday post.  If the giveaway is something I like, I enter the giveaway. 

On Sunday, I was notified by Megan of The Frugalista Diaries that I won another one of her giveaways.  This time, I won the Ignacia Blue bracelet from Belina.  I love this bracelet!  Winning fun items definitely make me SMILE!

Sunday was all about relaxing with the hubs.  I woke up not feeling 100% but as the day progressed I started feeling better and just enjoyed my time with the hubby. 

Monday was another day of winning!  I was notified by Intermix that I won the Georgie Julia Distressed Moto Jacket.  I can’t believe I won this jacket!  I have been craving a leather jacket for fall and winner and now I don’t have to go get one!  This definitely makes me smile.

Monday night the hubs and I took more outfit photos for the blog.  You will be seeing more outfit posts, YAY!

Tuesday I spent the evening with the hubs because he was leaving town Wednesday for work.  We spent the evening catching up on shows and watching movies.  It was definitely an evening to make me smile.

On Wednesday, I received news that my corporate documents had been filed, woo hoo!  I am getting really excited about that.  Wednesday I also learned that J had won an award.  How awesome is that?  We will be heading in to DC (not sure when) for the award ceremony.  I am so proud of my hubby.  This made me SMILE.  If you are in DC, I would love to meet up for lunch or drinks when I know more details!  

Thursday I had planned on going shopping at Kohls to look for a pair of red pants (I will find them), but the weather was pretty blah.  So I spent the afternoon relaxing with Sophie.

We both had a great "girl's day."  My puppy is like my child as PinkPalmGirl said puppies are "little people in fur coats."  Spending time with Soph definitely makes me SMILE.

On Friday, I woke up early due to a thunderstorm.  I normally sleep right through them, but this one was pretty loud.  I finally went back to bed and really slept in.  It was really nice to sleep in.  I then watched this week's Project Runway.  I won't give any spoilers, but say that I wasn't impressed this week.  I liked the winning look but other than that BLAH!  What did you think of this week's episode?  Even though this week wasn't my favorite, I still enjoyed it and my favorite quote of the episode was "Your demographic is like 40 to dead."  Totally made me smile.

I then headed to Kohls and TJ Maxx on the red pants mission.  I found red denim capris at Kohls for $16.  Although they aren't jeans, I still really liked the pants and figured since I lived in Florida I would get use out of them.  At TJ Maxx, I found a great polka dot skirt and cobalt sweater.  So excited to show these looks!  Shopping always makes me SMILE.

Since the hubby was out of town, I spent Friday night watching The Notebook.

I absolutely love this movie.  It is such a fabulous love story and although it is sad at times it definitely makes me SMILE.

On Saturday, I woke up early and worked out.  I haven't worked out in months, but it definitely felt good.  I am starting my Weight Watches back and hope to lose a few pounds.  

After the work out, I decided to go to the movies.  After watching The Notebook, I felt like I needed more Ryan Gosling so I saw Crazy Stupid Love again!  The movie was CRAZY AWESOME!  I am still smiling.

The hubs returns today, YAY!!!  That really makes me SMILE.

What Made You Smile This Week?

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