Saturday, August 27, 2011

Savings Saturday – B. Brian Atwood Kasadela Leopard-Print Calf Hair Ankle Boots

 Image - $475.00

I first discovered these boots on and have been thinking about them all the time.  I am even dreaming about them!  Living in Florida, makes my boot purchases small because I don’t need boots too often.  So spending $475 for these boots just can’t happen.  So I wanted to find these boots for less!

I thought I would be able to find these boots for under $50, but it turned out more difficult that I expected.  I only found two pair under $50 so I decided to share one pair under $100 and one pair over $100. 

 Image - $27.58

Image - $38.00

Image - $72.63

Image - $109

All of these boots for less are missing aspects of the B. Brian Atwood boots.  But I'll take the missing elements to save money!  I would probably purchase the first pair since they only cost $27.58 and would save me $447.42

Would you wear these boots for less?

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