Sunday, August 28, 2011

When You Find Something You Love Buy It In All Colors

I fell in love with this dress from Target.  I have worn it for an outdoor wedding, dinner and even belted it.  I really liked the shape on my body.  So when I was at Target two weekends ago, I found the same dress was on clearance for $17!  I had to have it again.  I didn’t want to purchase it in the same color I already had so I bought it in Jade. 

Mossimo® Women's Pleated Zip Back Dress - Jade – Target
Dusty Gold Earrings - Pree Brulee
Sea Floor Ring – Coral – Pree Brulee
Women's Mossimo Patsy Sandals - Black - Target
Black Belt - Kohls (no longer available) - Similar Item 

I think everyone’s motto should be if it works buy it in all colors!

Do You Own The Same Wardrobe Item In A Different Color?

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