Thursday, June 14, 2012

How I Style My Hair Curly

Since I have been wearing my hair curly or wavy, I have received a lot of questions on how I style it.  

I was blessed or cursed with curly hair.  When I was younger it was a complete mess.  It was definitely hard to style but as I got older I embraced my curls when my hair was long.  So now that my hair is longer, I have been wearing my hair curly a lot more.

There are two ways to style my hair curly.  The first way is to go natural.  

For the natural curls, I wash my hair do not brush my hair and then let my hair air dry.  Styling my hair this way is a little unpredictable and sometimes causes lots of frizz.  But some days I am too lazy to take the other steps to make my hair curly.

The other way to style my hair curly is also pretty simple.  I use L.A. Looks Mega Hold styling gel.  

This gel is cheap ($2.99) and can be found at most drugstores.  I have been using this curl gel since I was a senior in high school and love the product for the price.

My L.A. Looks curls are a little more defined and less frizzy than if I go natural.

For styling my hair curly with the gel, I shower and wash my hair (again I do not brush my hair).  I have found brushing my hair pulls out my curls.  After showering, I stick my head in the sink and damp it again.  I then add a quarter size amount of the L.A. Looks gel to my palm and work through my hair scrunching to help add curls.  I then let my hair dry.  If the day is going to be humid my hair curls even more.

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