Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Giveaway Wednesday


It’s that time again – Giveaway Wednesday.  I love when I find giveaways, not only because an item is free, but because I learn about new blogs and about new shops or brands.  I have discovered so many new stores I can’t contain my excitement.

1.  Crochet Today is giving away the Bella bag from Jordana Paige.  The giveaway ends May 2nd.  Click here to enter!

2.  Spicy Candy DC is giving away a neon green Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Clutch.  The giveaway ends April 12th.  Check it out!

3.  Crochet By Faye is giving away a Jordana Paige Bulter Tool Case.  The giveaway ends April 14th.  Click here to enter!

Each week I do a Giveaway Wednesday post, if you would like to have your giveaway featured in my blog contact me.  

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