Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursdays are for My Favorite Things

When I was on my cruise, I did some major shopping.  I fell in love with this black diamond ring in St. Maarten.  I didn’t buy thing ring because I knew J and I were moving and should be saving my money.  But I am kicking myself for not purchasing the ring.  I can’t get the ring out of my mind.  So this week’s Thursdays Favorite Things is dedicated to black diamond rings.  None of these rings are exactly like the ring in St. Maarten, but they are definitely gorgeous.
Thursdays Favorite Things - Jewelry

1.  Lord & Taylor Black and White Diamond Ring - $750
2.  Lord & Taylor Black and White Diamond Ring - $2,600
3.  White and Black Diamon Ring from Amazon - $396
4.  Lord & Taylor Black and White Diamond Ring - $850

Have you ever walked away from an item and wished you had purchased it when you had the chance?


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