Friday, December 16, 2011

Guest Post – J9 from J9 Style Blog

Today’s guest post is from J9 from J9 STYLE Blog.  When I attended my first blogging conference, I met J9.  You will love J9.  She is extremely fashionable, but she does it on a budget.

Hi Everyone! I’m J9 from J9 STYLE Blog and I’m so excited to be guest-posting while Alicia is moving and starting her new journey!

From the end of September until now, I’ve had to attend: 1 baby shower (which I hosted), 1 baptism, 2 bridal showers, 2 weddings and a bachelorette party. I still have one more wedding and one more baby shower by Christmas! Besides all of these events, I had a very busy four months since I started grad school. Add in my full-time job and my blog and there was no time to shop for dresses for all of these events. Luckily, I had the “what if” section in my closet.

Whenever I go shopping, if I see an item on sale that looks great on me, I usually buy it. I may not need it at the time, but I apply the “what if” concept. What if I have a wedding to attend next year? Or a formal party? Would this dress work?

All the outfits I wore below were sitting in my closet for at minimum a year, and were all under $40 each! For all events I attended this year so far, I spent a total of $134 over the course of two years applying my “what if” concept.

1.     Baby/Bridal Shower #1 (yes, I had two showers in one day!): $19.99, Ross: purchased in 2010
2.     Baptism: $39.99, Ross: purchased in 2009
3.     Bridal Shower #2: $10, Macy’s: purchased in 2010
4.     Wedding #1: $19.99, Marshalls: purchased in 2009
5.     Wedding #2: $24, Target: purchased in 2010
6.     Bachelorette Party: $19.99, Papaya: purchased in 2010

Although I didn’t wear these dresses until 2011, buying these dresses early paid off both in saving me time and money. I have two more weddings next year and I already have the outfits in my closet!

Do you buy items that are on sale now to wear sometime in the future?

Thanks Alicia for letting me post and best of luck on the move!


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