Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tip Tuesday – Best Dresses for Body Type

When I select dresses, I generally select dresses that can be worn for many occasions but what is most important is that the dress flatters my body. 

Shabby Apple offers the perfect dress for your body type.  You can take their quiz to find your body type or if you know your body type you can shop by that category.


An hourglass body is a curvy woman with a small waist.  You will want to select dresses that accentuate your waist.  Some of my favorite dresses from Shabby Apple for the hourglass body are:

Washington Square Park

Apple or Round:

An apple or round body has gorgeous legs and arms but are a little bigger in the middle.  When selecting a dress you will want to select dresses that show off your great assets (arms and legs) and help hide your tummy.  These dresses will do just that:

Pear or Triangle:

A pear or triangle body has a small waist but larger hips.  When selecting a dress, you will want to select a-line or fuller skirts.  This will help create the illusion that your body is an hourglass. 

Pencil or Rectangle:

If you have a pencil or rectangle body type your body is straight and you have narrow shoulders and hips.  When selecting dresses for pencil or rectangle body types, you will want to create curves.  To create curves, select a dress that has details on the shoulder or the skirt.

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