Saturday, October 29, 2011

Savings Saturday – Michael Kors Leather Coat with Faux Shearling Trim

For fall, I love everything leather.  I am still on the hunt for a leather skirt and luckily I won the leather jacket.  But I keep going back to this Michael Kors leather coat.  The coat is gorgeous and would look great this fall.  Since I live in Florida and rarely wear outerwear another leather coat is out of the question even if it is only $350.

So I thought what better way to find a faux leather jacket for much less.  Although these jackets are not the same as the Michael Kors' jacket I think they have the same shape and style for less.
Savings Saturday - Michael Kors Jacket

The first jacket is not the exact shape of the Michael Kors’ jacket, but still has the faux trim and is a fraction of the cost.  This jacket is only $34.99.

The next jacket is probably my favorite of the three.  The jacket definitely reminds me of the Michael Kors’ jacket.  It has the same shape and it is only $47.50!! 

The last jacket definitely has a great shape, but I don’t love the faux fur as much as the Michael Kors jacket.  This jacket is only $39.99

Would you wear these jackets for less or do you want the Michael Kors' jacket?

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