Friday, October 28, 2011

Green for Dwarfism Awareness

The month of October raises awareness for many causes including Breast Cancer, Domestic Violence, Bullying, Down Syndrome and Dwarfism.

Today, I am wearing green for Dwarfism Awareness.  A friend from high school has a daughter with achondroplasia a form of dwarfism and I wanted to help raise awareness for her and others like her.

Dwarfism is a condition that makes an individual short-statured. There are over 200 different forms of dwarfism, with the most common occurring in 1 of approximately 40,000 births.

People with dwarfism may be called "little people" or "dwarves", but NEVER "midget". The little people community finds this word offensive and completely politically INCORRECT. That being said, most little people would prefer to simply be called by name, instead of being labeled.

The most important thing to remember is that little people are just like everyone else, and can do the same things...Sometimes just in a different way!

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