Sunday, September 11, 2011

What to Wear to Blogger Brilliance?

I am attending another blogger conference this Saturday.  I am so excited to attend Blogger Brilliance.  I get to meet so many wonderful bloggers I follow and talk to on twitter.  I can’t wait! In addition to meeting bloggers, I get to attend a fashion show hosted by a TV personality (my guess is the fabulous Tim Gunn from Project Runway).  Yay!

Since I am attending the conference this Saturday, I thought it would be fun to let me readers select my outfit for the conference.  All you have to do is select which look you like best and the look with the most votes will be the look I wear to the conference.  Sounds fun right?

Look #1

Red top, pink pencil skirt, nude pumps, gold jewelry

Look #2

Black and Blue Print Dress, Black Cardigan, Black Belt, & Black Booties

Look #3

Red Pencil Skirt, Black Top, Black Polka Dot Sweater, Pearls, & Black Booties 

Look #4

Cobalt Blue Top, Polka Dot Skirt, Black Booties & Black Bead Necklace

Look #5

Pink Cardigan, Red Skirt, & Nude Pumps


If you don’t like the looks I have selected, click on the outfit tabs and select an outfit you like better.  If you select other in the poll, please leave a comment with your choice.

The voting will end Wednesday, September 14 at 11:59 P.M.

What to Wear to Blogger Brilliance?
Can’t wait to see which look wins!

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