Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tip Tuesday – Summer to Fall

The weather in Florida has finally cooled down some, but still isn’t the typical fall weather.  So I thought I would provide a few options for taking your summer wardrobe and making it work fall.

1.  Blazer With Shorts

An easy way to transform your summer look to fall is by pairing a pair of shorts with a blazer.  I like pairing print shorts, simple t-shirt or tank top, a blazer, and a pair of booties.  This look is definitely a transition look.
Shorts with Blazer

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2.  Summer Dress With Cardigan and Flats

Another easy transition is taking a summer dress and pairing it with a cardigan.  I love pairing a cardigan with a dress and a belt.
Summer to Fall

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3.  Bright Denim Capris

If you bought bright denim capris this summer you may wondering what to do with them now that fall is approaching.  Don’t pack them away!  You can pair these bright capris with a fall sweater and riding boots and have a great look!

Summer to Fall II

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How are you transitioning from summer to fall?

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