Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tip Tuesday – Making Jeans Work Appropriate

I recently received a reader question asking how to make jeans dressy and work appropriate.  Now, some offices may not allow jeans, but other jobs may be open and allow them.  So I will provide tips for wearing jeans to work as well as some options for looks with jeans.

1.  Do not wear light color jeans

First, I am not a fan of light denim I think of 80s rockers when I see light denim.  Leave the light denim at the store, ladies.  White wash denim is a big no no.  So select dark denim especially at the office.

2.  Select jeans that fit

You do not want to wear skin tight jeans at the office.  Select jeans that fit you and are not so tight that you can’t bend over.  You do not want jeans that create the dreaded muffin top or have skin hanging over.  This isn’t appropriate any time but definitely isn’t work appropriate.

I would select either a boot cut jean or a trouser jean so that the jeans fit perfectly for work.

3.  Do not wear jeans with sequins or glitter on the pockets

I am not saying you can’t wear jeans with different stitching on the pockets.  I am saying avoid glitter and sequins.  If the jeans look like they came from the juniors department I would probably avoid them but definitely avoid them at the office.

Here are some looks that are appropriate for the office:

Look #1:

Trouser Jeans with a white blouse, leopard pumps and brown satchel
Jeans - Look #1

Old Navy Women's Braidedtrim Trouser Jeans - $37.00
White Three-Quarter Sleeve Shirt – Alfani - $38.00
Sole Boutique The Ashland Shoe – Leopard - $19.95
Michael Kors Hamilton Satchel - $348

Look #2:

Boot cut dark denim jeans, red top, black blazer, and red pumps
Jeans - Look #2

Old Navy Women's The Diva Bootcut Jeans - $39
Old Navy Women's Sleeveless Tieneck Top - $19.50
Banana Republic Wool Black Blazer - $198
Nine West Flax - $69

Look #3:

Skinny Jeans (not too tight), front bow tie blouse, beige cape, and brown flats
Jeans Look 3

Old Navy Women’s The Diva Skinny Jeans - $27.50 
Texas Blue Belle Top - $34.99
Calvin Klein Cape - $179
Nine West – Calax - $71.10

I hope these tips when selecting jeans that are work appropriate.  If you have any questions that you would like to be answered for Tip Tuesday email me at fashionbyalicia@yahoo.com.

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