Monday, September 19, 2011

Blogger Brilliance – What’s in my bag?

Saturday, I attended Blogger Brilliance in Tampa, Florida.  I plan on sharing my trip with you throughout the week, but I thought I would share what I brought to the conference.  I brought items that I felt would be necessary for the conference so all of the blogger essentials.

1.  Coach Black Tote Bag – Coach Outlet – Similar 
3.  iPad 
4.  iphone charger
5.  Camera charger
6.  Fast Flats 
7.  Folder with my ticket and directions
8.  Coach card holder with my business cards - Similar 
9.  Umbrella - Similar 
10.  Glasses
11.  Coach Wallet – Coach Outlet – Similar
12.  Not pictured my camera 

Check back this week to read more about Blogger Brilliance. 

1 comment:

Iris said...

I've been thinking about buying the Fast Flats but I was worried they'd be uncomfortable. How do u like them?

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