Friday, September 16, 2011

Reader Question - Shoes for a Wedding

Have I told you how much I love reader questions?  Well I do.  I love helping my readers answer all of their fashion questions.

This week’s reader question concerns shoes for a wedding.

Hi Alicia,

I purchased this Marc Jacobs dress from for a wedding in Malibu.  I have no idea of what kind or color of shoes to wear.  Do you have any suggestions?



Let me first say, how gorgeous is this dress?  I love it!  It will be perfect for a wedding especially one in Malibu (can I say jealous!).

With this dress, I think there are several options of shoe to wear.  I think you could select black strappy heels and carry a black clutch or select metallic shoes preferably gold with a gold clutch.

I am always on a budget so I selected shoes under $100.

Black Options 

Black Strppy

Click on the photo for links to each item 

Gold Options
Gold Shoes

Click on the photo for links to each item 

I hope these options will help "A" look fabulous in Malibu.

If you have any questions for me regarding fashion, feel free to email me at

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