Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Trend Tuesday - Tangerine

 As I was reading the June issue of InStyle, I came across a hot trend for the summer Tangerine.  I wasn't sure I could pull off the look but the more I looked for tangerine items the more excited I became.  I am loving this look and am sure I need to add more color to my closet.  If you are scared to wear tangerine from head to toe then try it as a seperate or as an accessory.  You can pair the tangerine pants with a solid t-shirt and carry the bag.  Or if you embrace it go with the full on dress.  

Tangerine pairs well with navy, gray, beige, or even hot pink.  Here are few of my favorite tangerine items.
(Click the photo above for links to each item)


Alyson said...

Tangerine is so fun. I used to be so anti orange and all it's "sisters" but I'm totally jumping on the bandwagon!

Fashion By Alicia said...

I was kind of anti-tangerine as well. But I think I need to work it into my wardrobe. I have a tangerine purse that I carry all the time!

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