Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tip Tuesday - Fashion Tips for Hourglass Body Shape

 Most women have an hourglass body shape.  With an hourglass body the top half and the bottom half of the body are proportionate to each other.  The measurement of the breast and the hip area will be close in number and your waist will be significantly smaller. Marilyn Monroe is probably the most famous hourglass body, but other stars include Jessica Simpson, Scarlett Johansson, and Anne Hathaway.

The hourglass body shape is known for its sex appeal and everyone is trying to get this type of body.  The number one rule with an hourglass body type is to show off your waist.  You don’t want to wear anything that hides your waist.

When selecting a top select one that enhances your bust and waist.  You will want to select v-neck or scoop necklines or a wrap around top to emphasize your waist.  You may want to select tops that are longer to lengthen your top.  The good thing about an hourglass body is that all colors and fabrics look great on you.   Do not select tops that are baggy or a straight tunic.

With an hourglass body you are balanced on the top and bottom so you can wear most trousers and jeans.  If you select wide leg pants you will emphasize your waist.  When selecting jeans you will want to go with a cut with larger hips and smaller waist.  The types of jeans that are best are bootcut or flared.  This will balance out your hips.  Stay away from skinny jeans and baggy jeans.  The skinny jeans will not show off your curves in a good way.

Hourglass bodies were made for dresses.  Stick to styles that emphasize your waist.  You will want select wrap dresses or dresses that are tight in the waist.  You can try lots of different necklines but scoop, v-neck, or sweetheart necklines look best.  When selecting dresses do not pick an empire waist dress because no one will see your best feature your waist!

Here are some outfit examples for an hourglass shaped body.

The first outfit is a dark denim trouser with a white wrap shirt.  The trousers are wide leg so this will emphasize your waist.  The wrap shirt with a v-neck will also help emphasize your waist.  The outfit is finished off with black heels to lengthen your legs and drop earrings as accessories.

The next outfit I love.  The outfit is a dark trouser jean with a striped navy and white scoop necked shirt.  These pants are amazing!  They will show off your waist and balance your hips and your legs.  If you are a larger hourglass shaped body you might want to pick a top with vertical stripes to make your torso appear longer.  I like the horizontal stripes of this shirt because it gives the outfit a nautical feel.  The outfit is finished off with red heels and a key necklace.

The last outfit is a sweetheart neckline dress.  This dress is perfect for the hourglass body because it shows off your shoulders and neckline but also shows off your waistline.  When selecting sweetheart dresses select dresses that you feel comfortable in.  If you do not like your arms you can always put a cardigan over the dress.

Remember to have fun with your body type and always wear things that you are comfortable wearing. I hope these tips help and if you have any questions contact me

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