Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tip Tuesday - Fashion Tips for Tall Body Types

 As I mentioned in Fashion Tips for Petite Body Types, along with choosing clothes for your body shape you also must select clothes based on your height.  If you are taller than 5’7” then you are considered tall. Celebrities that are considered tall are Chalize Theron (5’9”), Katie Holmes (5’9”), Jennifer Garner (5’8”), Liv Tyler (5’10’), and Nicole Kidman (5’10”).  I have been 5’8” since sixth grade so I guess that means I am tall.  If you are tall most people think that everything looks good on you, but that is not the case.  I still remember when I was in 7th grade and had trouble finding jeans and pants that were long enough.  I was made fun of by a lot of people and most people said I had high water pants.  It was embarrassing.  I vowed after 7th grade never to have pants that were too short and then I went the route of wearing pants that drug the ground for years.  I realized when I was in college and definitely in law school that these pants were also not flattering.  I needed to find a happy medium when selecting clothes for my body type.

The big concern if you are tall is to shop for clothes that fit your proportions.  If you buy items whose hem just fits will show how small that item really is.

When selecting shirts the big issue is to make sure the sleeves are long enough.  If your sleeves are too short you will not look put together.  If you have difficulty finding sleeves that fit go with above the wrist or elbow length shirts.

For pants go with a brand that carries a longer inseam such as a 36-inch inseam.  Companies like J. Crew, Banana Republic, and Gap carry long inseams.  If you want to spend more money on a pair of jeans try labels like 7 for All Mankind, Hudson, and Rock and Republic.  When selecting jeans for a tall body stay away from skinny jeans, go with a trouser cut jean or bootcut.  These types of jeans will give you some shape.

Petite body types should wear monochromatic looks to look longer, but for a tall body type you can wear high contrast colors.  You can pair pink and red or navy and black.

If you are tall wear kitten heels (one to one and a half inches) will make your legs look better than flats even if you are super tall.  Being tall generally means you have larger feet.  I have a size 10 so occasionally I have difficulty finding shoes but Nordstrom carries shoes up to a size 14.

Here is an outfit choice for a tall body type.

Remember always wear clothes that you are comfortable in and walk tall.  If you walk with a slump these tips will not help being tall has its advantages, take pride in it.  Follow me and if you have any questions contact me.  

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