Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tip Tuesday - Fashion Tips for Inverse Triangle or Inverted Triangle Body Types

 This Tip Tuesday will give tips for dressing your body if your body is an Inverted Triangle or Inverse Triangle.  The Inverse Triangle is just the opposite of the Triangle that I discussed last week.  So if you are an Inverse Triangle your bust will be larger than your hip and waist measurement.  In order to create the illusion of the perfect body shape you will want to balance your lower body to your upper body and draw attention away from your upper body.  I know some ladies that like to draw attention to the girls and show them off, but this really isn’t recommended unless you work on a pole.  Examples of Inverted Triangle or Inverse Triangle body types include Renee Zellweger, Naomi Cambell, Terri Hatcher, and Demi Moore.

The good news about this body type is that your legs can wear any type of pants you will look great in gauchos, harem pants, cargo pockets but I would recommend pants that flare or are fuller legged to balance out the larger upper half of your body.  While wearing flared pants, you may also want to wear bright fun shoes to bring attention to your legs instead of your upper body.  When wearing skirts or dresses wear a skirt that cinches your waistline and flares at the waist.  This will help balance your body

For dressing your upper half pick tops that show off your arms such as sleeveless tops and flutter sleeves.  Do not wear tiny/spaghetti strapped shirts wearing these shirts will bring attention to the girls and definitely not support them.   You may also want to wear darker colors on the top of your body and lighter on the bottom.  This will help give the illusion that your bottom half is larger.  Unlike the Triangle body shape, you should not wear tops that have details or wear large accessories.  This will make your bust more noticeable.

The photos above show you how to wear dresses and pants for an Inverted Triangle body type.  With the dress, the dress cinches the waist and flows from the waist to create the illusion that the body is balanced.  With the Pants, the pants are flared making the legs look larger while the top is sleeveless and has a belt to cinch the waist.  I would recommend doing a darker top with this set of jeans to give the appearance that the top is smaller than it really is.

This photo illustrates Demi Moore showing off her best assets and looking wonderful.  She is wearing a flowy dress and wearing bright red shoes.  The added accessory of the shoes helps keep your eyes on her shoes and not her bust.

With the Inverted Triangle or Inverse Triangle, the key is to make your top part look smaller.  Remember ladies keep the girls in check!  If you have any questions about dressing your body type contact me.  

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