Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursdays are for My Favorite Things

This week my favorite things are all about jewelry.  I have been adding more and more items to my jewelry collection and loving each item. 

I love these Smokescreen Drop earrings from Bauble Bar.  I scored them on Friday for an amazing $10.00.  I received these earrings yesterday and they are even more perfect in person.  These earrings are not like any I have in my wardrobe. Can't wait to wear them!

This weekend I picked up a cocktail ring that I think is perfect for summer.  The turquoise and coral are the “it” colors for summer.  Pree Brulee has some fabulous items.  This weekend they were running 20% off all items.  So I picked up this ring for $14.40!  Loving it!  I have a feeling I will be wearing this ring ALL the time. 

My last favorite thing this week is the earrings I received in my mystery pack from Anika Burke Eclectic Boutique.  The silver earrings trimmed in green are gorgeous!  If you want to receive your own Mystery Pack enter my giveaway!  I have already had these earrings and I am sure I will be wearing them a lot more often.

These are some of my favorite jewelry items.  What are your favorite jewelry items right now?


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

love these!

Fashion By Alicia said...

Thanks! I know I'm going to have a ton of outfit posts with this new jewelry!

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