Friday, May 6, 2011

My Outfit – Friday

Tie Dye TankAnn Taylor Loft
Saturated Blue Wash Curvy Trouser JeansAnn Taylor Loft
Black Gold Chain Sandals – Target (No longer available)
Gold Bangle Bracelets – World Market
Gold Earrings – World Market

The stomach bug is still lingering.  Ugh.  But the stomach bug was not going to keep me from watching Something Borrowed.  I have been excited for this movie for a while now.  I read the book last fall after I was laid off and trying to entertain myself before I took to blogging.  I am a huge fan of chic lit.  I know I should be reading books that teach me, but when I do that kind of reading I don’t enjoy it.  So I love chic lit.  Something Borrowed was the perfect chic lit book. 

I felt like the Rachel character was exactly like me (except for the whole sleeping with my best friend’s fiancé).  She knew she had always wanted to be an attorney, followed the rules, and wasn’t completely happy with her life.  I felt just like that.  When I was in sixth grade I knew that I wanted to be an attorney.  I was on the speech team in high school to help prepare me for becoming an attorney then I majored in accounting (as my back up) and legal studies (to prepare me for law school) in undergrad.  Throughout undergrad, I hated my accounting major.  I wanted to change into something more exciting like marketing to create commercials, but stuck it out because I knew I wanted to be an attorney.  While in undergrad, I followed the rules and even graduated with 153 credit hours as opposed to the 120 hours so that I could take the CPA exam without going to grad school for accounting.  After undergrad, I went immediately on to law school.  I did well during law school and even made law review.  During my second and third years of law school, I worked, was a research assistant, teaching assistant, and development editor for law review.  I started working after law school and started to studying for the bar exam (did I mention I was also planning a wedding).  As I worked in the legal field, I realized I hated it.  I wasn’t happy.  Then business became slow at my job and I was laid off.  I was devastated.  I felt like I had let everyone down. 

After reading Something Borrowed, I realized I wanted to do something that made me happy, because I deserved it.  I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but being an attorney wasn’t it.  That’s when my husband suggested writing a blog.  I started with a blog about what I was going to do with myself, which resulted in getting a lot of suggestions.  My mom suggested that I become a personal shopper.  I loved the idea and as I did research I realized I could be a personal shopper and an image consultant.  Fast forward a few months and now I have my fashion blog and plan on getting certified as an image consultant.  I am finally excited about my career plans.  So now I am happy.  Sorry I got side tracked.  Now back to the movie.

I went to the early showing because I didn’t want to drag my husband to the opening tonight.  So the movie was perfect.  It definitely had differences from the book, but I liked the changes.  Ginnifer Goodwin was a great Rachel and Kate Hudson was a fabulous Darcy, but John Krasinski as Ethan stole the show!  Ethan had great lines and reminded me so much of Ethan in the book. 

The movie is definitely a chic flick.  It would be a perfect girl’s night out or a night at your house with the girls.  If you want to see a review of the movie check out Wardrobe Oxygen’s review.

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