Sunday, October 21, 2012

Where Have I Been?

Hi Everyone!  It has been months since I lasted posted on Fashion By Alicia.  I definitely miss you all and appreciate the messages wondering where I have been.  

I thought it would be best to kind of fill you in on what is going on with my life.  

As most of you know, I started my new job in June and things became kind of hectic.  I work at job where I am not allowed a cell phone during the day and have very little internet access.  This led to me coming home to hundreds of emails and feeling completely overwhelmed.  On top of that, my work attire is not really blog worthy.  I where flats every day.  Some people commented that they were sure I could where heels, but I really can't.  I walk a lot at my job and need to be able to run if there is an emergency.  I can't really go much into details about what my job entails, but let's just say it is not fashionable at all.  But I do enjoy it.  Actually I love it!  Every day is entertaining and different.  

In August, I spent three weeks in Glynco, Georgia for training which consisted of a pretty ugly uniform.  If you follow me on instagram or twitter I am sure you saw it!  I had to complete a physical ability test, self defense, firearm, and academic training.  I completed the training and ended up with Excellence in Academic Performance.  Needless to say, August was not a fashionable month.  Since I have returned from Georgia, I have stayed busy with work and honestly haven't missed the blog.

I started the blog as a way to entertain myself while I was unemployed.  I always said that once it became too much work and no longer fun I would give it up.  That is how it feels right now.  I definitely do not know how the bloggers with full time jobs do it!  I am totally impressed.  

So as of right now, I am taking a break from blogging.  I would love to come back and I may some day but for now I like my evenings spending time with J and Sophie.  

I am still training for my half marathon and still going strong with my #getfit2012 regimen.  After coming back from my training, I decided to lose another 5 pounds to be exactly where I want to be.  I have lost 47 pounds and am 1 pound away from that goal.  I am the smallest I have been in years and am wearing size sixes which makes me really happy!   I think 2012 has definitely been about getting fit.   

I miss my readers and hope that you forgive me for taking a break!  I am hoping to start reading blogs again soon so I can catch up on everyone's lives.  Hope you all are well!!

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