Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Trend Tuesday - Neon

According to runway shows, fashion magazine, and fashion bloggers neon is a huge spring trend right now.  When I think of neon, I think of me as a young girl wearing my absolute favorite outfit - a neon floral top with neon pink leggings.  I have photos somewhere to prove it. 

This years trend is not your typical 80s get up and there are ways to wear this trend without looking like you stepped out of the 80s. 

One way to embrace neon is by using a small amount of neon.  For instance you can wear sunglasses with neon details or a necklace with some neon in it.  
Tip Tuesday - Neon Set I

Another way to wear neon is to go pair neon with a neutral color (remember the Bloggers Do It Better Challenge?) If you pair a bright color with a neutral it will contrast the bright look.
Tip Tuesday - Neon Set II

You can also embrace neon with going the full route like adding one piece of neon.  Alison of Wardrobe Oxygen rocked a neon yellow blazer in a great way.  So you could add a great neon blazer to your wardrobe or a bright neon skirt.  
Tip Tuesday - Neon Set III

Will you be wearing neon this spring?

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