Saturday, April 28, 2012

Savings Saturday – BVLGARI Cat Eye Sunglasses

Savings Saturday - Cat Eye Sunglasses

I will be the first to admit there is a difference between designer sunglasses and budget friendly shades.  I own a pair of Burberry shades that I love but they were a gift.  If I didn’t receive them as a gift I probably would have never bought them.  I do not have a good record with shades.  I end up losing them or breaking them.  Somehow the Burberry shades have lasted 3 years.  I am always on the hunt for affordable sunglasses that won’t break my wallet if I lose them.  I love the BVLGARI Cat Eye Sunglasses but at $650 I would be heart broken if I lost them.  The Cat Eye Sunglasses from Forever 21 are only $5.80 so I could buy 112 pairs of the BVLGARI pair.  

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