Monday, March 26, 2012

Review – Jordana Paige

I was contacted by Jordana Paige to review one of their handbags.  I knew about the handbags thanks to Alison of Wardrobe Oxygen.   Even though I don't knit, I knew the handbag would be perfect for spring and very stylish. 

Jordana Paige was founded in 2002 after Jordan tried to find a stylish bag to keep her knitting material organized.   Her handbags are now stylish and useful for knitter and fashion lovers alike. 

While looking over their handbags, I was immediately drawn to the Bella handbag.  I loved the weave texture of the bag and knew the pearl color would be perfect for spring!  The Bella provides many pockets and is made from woven vegan leather with drawstring closure.  The Bella features eight pockets along the inside wall, three credit card slots, small zippered pocket, large zippered pocket divider, two circletsTM to prevent yarn from tangling, and feet on the bottom. 

When my bag arrived, I immediately fell in love with the quality of the bag and organization details.  The Bella is absolutely gorgeous and looks like real leather even though it is vegan.   I love the pearl color but the Bella is available in black licorice and bronze.  The Bella is lined in a bright green color, which I absolutely loved!  The bag also comes with its own dust bag to protect it while it is not in use. 

The bag offered perfect spots for my wallet, lip gloss, glasses, sunglasses, and cell phone.  The Bella is also large enough to hold my iPad making it a great bag for travel.  The Bella's feet also allow the bag to stand up on its own.

Overall, I was really impressed with the Jordana Paige Bell Handbag.  If you need a new spacious handbag, I would definitely check out Jordana Paige even if you aren’t a knitter.

Disclosure:  Jordana Paige asked me to review their products.  I received the Bella as part of my review.  However, my opinions are 100% my own.

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