Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Review – Etre Touchy and Etre FIVEPOINT Gloves

I was contacted by Etre Touchy and Etre FIVEPOINT gloves to review their products.  I had never heard of Etre Touchy and Etre FIVEPOINTS but once I did some research I knew these gloves were perfect for Fashion By Alicia readers or anyone that was on the go. 

 As I am sure you know, it is impossible to use iPhones, iPads, or devices with a normal pair of gloves because you can’t touch the screen.  With Etre FIVEPOINT gloves’ contactwoven fingertips you can actually use these devices while keeping your hands warm. 

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I used the FIVEPOINT Gloves outside in the cold Dallas weather while checking Facebook and Twitter on my iPad.  The gloves allowed me to check in without getting my hands cold.  

The Etre Touchy Gloves are missing a thumb and index fingertips.  The Touchy Gloves provide more freedom to text, tweet, and send emails.  These gloves definitely kept my hands warm and allowed me to stay warm on the go.  I think these gloves would be perfect for a commuter who rides the train or subway to work. 

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The Etre FIVEPOINT and Etre Touchy gloves are made from pure wool and manufactured in the United Kingdom.  The gloves can be purchased from Etre’s online shop, Park & Bond, Bonobos, or Fair Indigo.  The Etre Touchy Glove retail at £35 around $54.80 and the FIVEPOINT Gloves retail at £40 around $62.60.  Overall, I was really impressed with both pairs of gloves.  The gloves were made extremely well and fit my hands.  I have long fingers and larger hands for a woman and a size medium fit perfectly.    I think these gloves would be perfect for anyone who likes to text, tweet, or send emails and stay warm!

Disclosure: Etre FIVEPOINT and Etre Touchy Gloves asked me to reivew their products.  I received two pair of gloves as part of my review.  However, my opinions are 100% my own. 

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