Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tip Tuesday – Packing

I know packing isn’t really fashion related but right now my life is consumed with packing.  J and I are moving to Dallas in 34 days so everything is packing related.  I thought I would share my tips for packing.

Make sure you have a lot of boxes.  Whether you are buying boxes or getting boxes from a store for free make sure you have plenty of boxes.  When you think you have enough get a few more because you will need them.  Every time I think I have enough boxes, I am wrong.  I have gone through so many boxes that I have lost count.  If you think you will be able to get free boxes from a store like Target, Walmart, or Kmart you are wrong.  These stores place their boxes in a compactor and the boxes are no more.  If you want free boxes, I recommend hitting up your local liquor store.  These stores keep their boxes and they are sturdy.

Another tip is to wrap your glass items.  This seems pretty basic, but I have seen people move without wrapping their glass items.  I use bubble wrap for important items, but I also use items that I have in my house to secure glassware.  You can wrap glass items in towels or blankets.  This helps these items get packed, but also helps to secure your precious items.

I use rubber totes for really important items.  For instance, I have a quilt that was made from my great grandmother.  I do not want anything to happen to the quilt so I placed it in a rubber tote.  The tote will help keep liquids out and will make sure the quilt makes it to Dallas in once piece.  My handbags will also go in totes because I do not want them to get scratched in boxes. 

These are just a few tips for packing.

Do you have any packing tips?

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