Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tip Tuesday – Gifts Under $25

Do you ever have a birthday or holiday come and not know what to get someone?  I always like buying gifts and am always on the hunt for the best idea.  One gift idea is by doing themes.  I love them ideas because they can come together easily for a fraction of the cost. 

One theme idea is doing a movie night theme.  You could purchase a movie, bucket of popcorn, and two drinks.  This is an easy idea and would be great for a holiday or birthday.

Other ideas are finding a fun gift for $25.  I have selected some of my favorite under $25 items that could work as gifts.

One option would be a great clutch.  Right now, I love the clutches from Curly in the City.  These clutches are of high quality faux leather and would look great.  This Gold Sequin Clutch would be great for holiday parties and only costs $14.00.

I have also found a great satchel from Mimi Boutique for only $20.

Another great option is fun jewelry.  I always love finding handmade jewelry on etsy.  Some of my current favorites are the leather and chain fringe earrings from SmartNSnazzy only $13.00.

I also love the woven bracelets from Tara Lane Designs.  The Leather & Chain Bracelet is only $15.00.  

I also love this Back for a Blast Necklace and Earring set from Anika Burke.  The necklace is the low price of $17.95.

These are just a few great items I found for under $25.00.

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