Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tailgate Thursday – Underdogs

In sports, I always cheer for the underdog.  I love seeing the smaller schools win and be successful.  In football there are always underdogs, so I thought I would dedicate this Tailgate Thursday to these underappreciated teams. 

The first underdog team is Boise State.  I know Boise State is ranked 4th in the BCS Poll, but they are still an underdog.  The team knows how to win and has done so for an extended period of time.  But I am sure Boise State will not play for a national championship even if they remain undefeated thus they are an underdog.  Boise State plays on a blue field (how cool is that?) and their colors are dark blue and orange.  These are definitely some fun colors for tailgating.
Tailgate Thursday - Boise State

Tailgate Thursday - Boise State Set II

Texas Christian University (TCU) is another underdog.  TCU has played in BCS bowl games but not the national championship.  Although the team is not as good as last years team that defeated Wisconsin, TCU is still a great team and definitely an underdog.  TCU’s colors are purple and white. 
Tailgate Thursday - TCU

Tailgate Thursday - TCU Set II

Do you cheer for the underdogs?

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