Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trend Tuesday – Four Skirts For Fall

I love skirts for fall.  Skirts can be worn with boots, tights, flats, or pumps and look great.  There are four skirt styles that are hot this fall.  The four newsworthy styles are the mini, full, pencil or midi. 

Trend Tuesday - Fall Skirts

Trend Tuesday - Mini
Mini skirts are fun for fall.  Obviously, mini skirts are shorter.  So when you wear a mini you are showing off your legs so you don’t want to have on a low cut top.  Show off one asset at a time.  So with a mini it is your legs.  I would wear a mini with a high cut top or even a turtleneck.  If you are worried about showing off too much skin a mini looks great with tights. 

Full skirts were seen on fall runways.  The great thing about full skirts is that they can be styled in many different ways.  Full skirts can be worn with blouses, sparkly tops, or even jackets.  They are a great piece for your fall wardrobe.
Full Skirts

Pencil skirts are the simple skirt for fall.  This style of skirt is my go to skirt.  The skirt looks great with anything in the summer but especially in the fall.  
Tip Tuesday - Fall Skirts Pencil

Fall brings another great skirt style the midi.  The midi brings a chic ladylike appeal.  The midi can be difficult to wear but looks great on different shapes and sizes.  The midi can be worn with boots or high heels. 
Trend Tuesday - Fall Midi

The mini, wide, pencil and midi skirt are great skirts for the fall.

What style skirt will you wear this fall?

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