Friday, September 23, 2011

Reader Question – What to Wear as a Private Tutor?

Hi Alicia,

I work as a private tutor on a college campus and was wondering what I should wear.  I am running around campus all day and want to look comfortable while still looking professional.



Looking professional while being on the go may seem challenging but there are some simple looks that are easy to pull off.

1.  Wear a neutral pant

An easy way to look professional is by selecting a neutral pant.  These pants can be picked up at a low cost and will look great.  Select colors such as black, grey, navy, or beige.  These colors go with many colors so you will get multiple uses out of these pants. 
Neutral Pants

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2.  With the neutral pants where bright colors

As I have mentioned many times, I like pairing bright color tops with neutrals.  I feel the colors change my mood and make any look more pulled together.  When selecting a top be aware of fit.  You do not want to select tops that are too tight or too loose.  You need one that is just right (think Goldilocks).  You can wear knit tops or blouses depending one what you like best or buy a few that can be interchangeable.  
Bright Knits

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Although I have suggested bright colors, a white blouse is a great purchase because it would go with any color of the neutral pants.


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3.  Select skirts that are above the knee

When you are on the go, you may want to wear skirts.  Skirts are very versatile because they can be worn with heels, flats, or boots.  Plus in the winter, you can wear skirts with tights.

To look professional, I recommend selecting skirts that hit right above the knee.  Skirts that are too short is not professional and you will be spend the day worried that your skirt is too shirt.

Don’t select skirts that are too long or you may look frumpy.
Pencil Skirts

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4.  Select a professional handbag

Women and men notice handbags if your handbag isn’t professional they will notice.  I suggest purchasing a leather structured satchel.  These bags will carry more items and will help when moving around on campus.  The items I have selected so far have been $50 or less.  The professional handbags I am selecting are a little more expensive, but will last longer.


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5.  Invest in a good pair of flats

Generally, I would suggest wearing heels when meeting with students or clients in a professional setting.  Your legs will look longer and leaner.  However, walking to and from meetings requires a good set of flats.  You can put the flats in your satchel and put them on for walking.  This will save your legs in the long run.  For flats, I would go with shoes that you know are comfortable.  I personally like Cole Haan and Me Too.  Cole Haan has Nike Air soles and is really comfortable.  Me Too is a brand that is lesser in price than Cole Haan and is just as comfortable (maybe even more!)

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Hope these tips help!  If you have any questions that you would like answered email me at

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