Sunday, September 4, 2011

On Sundays I Smile – Week in Review

On Sundays, I review my week and SMILE.  This week was all about family and being around family definitely makes me SMILE.  

J finally returned home.  It was so good to have him back.  Spending time with the hubs always makes me SMILE.

On Wednesday, my aunt and cousin came up to the house to stay.  It was great seeing both of them.

Friday J and I headed to Myrtle Beach to see my dad, his wife, and my brother.  My dad and R just bought a condo so we were spending the holiday weekend with them.  So far we have enjoyed ourselves.  We have spent time on the beach, at the pool, and ate tons of delicious food.  This weekend has definitely made me SMILE.  

I will share photos from this trip once I get home.

Also, I have been thinking about switching a few things up on my blog and would love to hear some feedback.  I love my Savings Saturdays posts and I love finding celebrity looks for less.  So I was thinking about stopping the On Sundays I Smile posts and making Sunday's - Celebrity Sundays where I find or my readers submit celebrity looks and I find the looks for less.  I would still have Savings Saturdays but they would be finding an item like shoes, pants, handbags, or less.  Let me know your thoughts.  Reader feedback definitely makes me SMILE.

What made you SMILE this week?

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