Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tip Tuesday – Leggings

This week you are getting a Tip and a Trend on Tuesday.  How lucky are you?  I am sure you are THRILLED! 

I received a question from one of my readers asking the age appropriateness of leggings.  I started to think about leggings and really wasn’t sure of the correct response.  So I asked on twitter and basically got the same response leggings are okay for any age as long as you don’t wear them as pants.  So I decided to put together a list of tips for wearing leggings for any age (unless you are a grandma then I’d avoid leggings).

Tip #1 – Leggings Do NOT Equal Pants

This tip requires repeating – leggings ARE NOT pants!  You cannot wear them as pants!!  Leggings fabric is thin (think tights) so if you wear them as pants people will be getting an anatomy show.

Tip #2 – Do Not Mix Leggings With A Tight Top

Mixing a tight top and leggings equals a straight mess.  You will not have any shape and it will look unflattering.  Pick tops that are fuller.

Tip #3 – No Aerobic Party

When selecting leggings you do not want a metallic legging or a bright color that makes you look like you have stepped out of an aerobic party or the 80’s.  Select neutral colors like black, grey, and tan.  These colors will be more flattering and you won’t look like you need to work out with Richard Simmons.

How To Wear Leggings

Here are some examples on how to wear leggings.


Click on the Photo Above for Links to Each Item

Pair leggings with a shirtdress, a long sweater, a skirt, or a tunic.

Would You Wear Leggings?

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