Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tip Tuesday – Day To Night

I have received several reader questions regarding taking a look from day to night.  Since I live in Florida, my nightlife is a little more relaxed than other cities, but I think this look could work in most areas.

The Day look is simple look.  Take a simple dress (I selected a white dress) and pair with a cardigan.  I used a black cardigan and then belted the cardigan with a teal belt to add a little color to the look.  For the daytime look, I used a larger black purse to carry more items and flats.  The look for day has minimal jewelry.

White Dress – Old Navy (no longer available) – Similar
Black CardiganTarget
Black Flats – Bass Outlet (no longer available) – Similar
Turquoise Belt – Target (no longer available) – Similar
Black Purse – Coach - Gift

To take this daytime look to night, I removed the black cardigan and turquoise belt and placed a thicker black belt around my waist.  I also removed the flats and put on heels.  I switched the black purse to a turquoise clutch and added turquoise jewelry.  This night look would be perfect for drinks with your girlfriends or a date.

White Dress – Old Navy (no longer available) – Similar
Black Stretch Belt – Kohls (no longer available) – Similar
Women's Mossimo® Patsy Sandals – Black – Target
Turquoise Clutch – Downtown Divas Jacksonville (not available online) – Similar
Turquoise & Black Necklace – Gift

My main tip for taking a daytime look to night is to add more accessories and heels.  Just by taking these simple steps your look can go from work to a night out!

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