Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursdays Favorite Things By Smart n Snazzy: Stylish Without Going Broke

It is time for another great guest post this week.  

Meet Lia.  Lia is a Florida native who now resides in Denver, Colorado and the lady behind Smart N Snazzy:  Stylish Without Going Broke.  I adore Lia.  She balances being a mother,  working, and her fabulous blog.  If Lia lived in Florida, I am sure we would be best friends because we share a love of jewelry, Project Runway and of course, Denver native, Mondo.  

So here are Lia's favorite things. 

Vintage necklaces on a Tiffany candle lamp
I think that the best way to spice up/give personality to a plain outfit is with bold yet unique statement jewelry. Funky earrings, eye-catching necklaces, and bracelets stacked and stacked. My favorite places to go for unique pieces other than thrift stores, is Jewelmint and BaubleBar. The majority of my pieces come from Jewelmint, I’m a little addicted to their pieces. BaubleBar is equally fabulous, with high end designed pieces for seriously affordable prices. Plus, if you’re a new customer, you will get a $10 credit!

Virginia by Sole Society, boxes of shoes in my closet because they don't fit on my shoe shelves anymore....
I love wearing heels. I really do. I hate walking in them, my poor feet kill me! I’ve found some super helpful products that make wearing heels for extended periods of time extremely bearable. Kushyfoot makes the most adorable little lace “socks” that have padding on the ball and heel of the foot. The best part is not only they come in different colors but that they are hidden in your shoe! Ahhhh the comfort! For open-toed or sandals, I swear by the different Foot Petals. With these, you still may not be able to run a marathon in stilettos, but it sure does make my commute and workday a lot easier on my feet!

London Fog trenchcoat
Ask any stylist/fashion blogger for their top 10 clothing items every woman should own, and guaranteed they will say a classic camel trenchcoat. While a Burberry beauty is still at the top of my most coveted list, sadly, it will not have a home in my closet anytime soon. But there are plenty of other options out there. I scored a beautiful London Fog trench at Burlington Coat Factory for (GASP!) $50. I snatched it up with a quickness! The things you really want to look for is a well-made garment, I prefer one with buttons and a belt as well. Also, I want it to keep me relatively warm, so a nice lining is crucial.

Tan bag: Coach, Coral bag: Steven by Steve Madden, Cream Frame bag, via TJ Maxx
Lastly for me, a must have is a versatile purse. Now by versatile, I don’t necessarily mean one that can go from day to night, since I don’t really go out and if I do, it’s certainly not to places where I am worried about carrying a nighttime clutch. I’m talking I want a great everyday purse that looks chic, but I can throw my phone, keys, wallet, chap stick, lotion, magazine, lunch, snacks, etc. in without looking like I’m carrying a diaper bag. Yes, I said lunch. I bring my lunch to work, but since I also have to bring my laptop to and from work, I can’t carry 3 different bags. That’s just ridiculous, because I also have a coffee in my hand and need to hold out my id badge to building security. I’ve been lucky to find some really cute bags, but get bored easily and am constantly looking for new options.

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite things! If you haven’t already, check out my blog!


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